A wardrobe in the bedroom? Go for comfort!

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A wardrobe in the bedroom? Go for comfort!

For me, the bedroom is the most important room – it’s where I find a moment to myself in the evenings and relax after a long day. In the morning, however, it’s a different story. Rush, chaos and thousands of questions “what to wear?” or “where is my turquoise belt?”.

In these situations, a well-planned wardrobe is a hit. For this reason, I turned my attention to the Elda wardrobe collection, which you can design yourself. Its functionality results from: space-saving sliding doors, the possibility to choose a model with a mirror and shelves designed to be separated independently. Each of us has more or less other things, so the possibility of maneuvering the available space in the wardrobe will always come in handy.

Additionally there is a wide choice of fronts – it depends on them whether the wardrobe will look good in a particular room. If your bedroom has been arranged in classical style, where wood and simplicity reign, choose the front in the colour of light Sonoma oak or dark Wenge oak. However, if you want your bedroom to have a more modern character, opt for one of the mirror and glass applications placed on the doors. Geometric patterns fit any interior!

How to choose a functional wardrobe for the bedroom?

Certainly none of us can imagine a flat without a capacious and solid wardrobe. While the exceptional role of this piece of furniture is not in doubt, its selection may cause some problems, particularly when it concerns such a special room as a bedroom. We suggest how to find a model combining functionality with exceptional durability and beauty of the decor.

Functional wardrobe in the bedroom – the exceptional significance of this piece of furniture

Certainly, many of us, especially ladies, dream of having an elegant wardrobe at home. However, due to the small area of flats of modern construction industry not many people may afford this luxury at present. In such a situation a solid and functional wardrobe takes over its task. Why is its role in the bedroom so important?

This furniture constitutes the basic place for storing the objects and accessories of everyday use. Clothes, underwear, spare set of bedclothes or towels – all this is usually stored not elsewhere, but in the bedroom. At the same time we should not forget about the exceptional character of this interior. It is there, where we fall asleep and wake up, where we seek rest and tranquility, and where we spend our most intimate moments.

Therefore, a capacious wardrobe for the bedroom should also blend in with the style and arrangement of the room, without disturbing its cosy atmosphere. How to combine all these functionalities in one piece of furniture? Here are the issues you should pay special attention to when buying this piece of furniture.

Not too small, not too big – but just right!

The first issue you should consider when choosing a functional wardrobe for your bedroom is the dimensions. How to choose them properly? Usually it is assumed that one person needs about 140 cm for a set of clothes, with a standard height of the piece of furniture amounting to 210 cm. However, if you are looking for a wardrobe for a double bedroom, invest in a model twice as big.

The above dimensions are for illustrative purposes only. When deciding upon a particular piece of furniture, first of all confront them with the size of the room and the amount of free space at your disposal. Remember, that it is not the chest of drawers, but the bed, which plays the first fiddle in this interior – therefore it should not be too conspicuous or overwhelming the decoration.

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