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French furniture

French furniture is stylized on furniture from the era of Maria Antonina and Louisiana. Elliptical shapes, floral motifs, rounded and finely decorated provide a sense of elitism, class and the highest level of comfort. The French style armchair will fit into both the interior of a Parisian palace and a modern house arranged in French style. A massive, bright chest of drawers in French style will guarantee functionalism combined with symmetrical and harmonious form enriching the interior of the living room, bedroom or living room. It is also worth noting the simple, geometric and elegant tables and desks, which combine an ascetic form with rich decorations and timeless design.

Living room in French style

The French style living room can be arranged in a very flexible way. The interior decorator can go in the direction of sophisticated elegance, as well as take the form of french country or decide on the rustic character of the decorated interior. The French style in interiors perfectly illustrates a significant cross-section of the French society, thanks to which it allows for an extremely easy adjustment of individual elements of the living room’s decor to personal preferences. The living room should not miss a large sofa in French style with a generous form, a French armchair made in a minimalist but elegant style or a small coffee table.

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