How to arrange a small room

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How to arrange a small room

When arranging small rooms, it is worth betting on light colours and a subdued colour palette. This style will allow you to increase the size of the rooms optically, and also to camouflage the gaps in the size. Moreover, such an arrangement of small interiors will take care of the right mood of the rooms and provide the right amount of extremely valuable light. More expressive colour accents should be made only in the form of small accessories complementing the arrangement.

The arrangement of small flats usually focuses on white, grey, light beige and uniformly finished floors throughout the apartment. By focusing on one style of floor finishing – whether tiles or panels – the floor surface will not become overwhelming and will not focus on itself, overwhelming valuable space.

How can a small apartment of 40m2, 38m2 or 30m2 be decorated to maximise its space? During the arrangement we owe a lot to the choice of lighting. Appropriate lighting of interiors with bright light colour by means of spotlights, LEDs in the suspended ceiling or wall lamps will allow to accentuate selected elements of the interior design and increase the impression of spaciousness. Glass furniture and doors will also enhance this impression.

The arrangement of a small living room in a block of flats can also be based on delicate wall mural inserts. Motifs with streets and urban architecture or landscapes with an interesting perspective will optically enhance bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms. An interesting trick to optically lengthen small rooms is also placing furniture of similar height next to each other.

Arrangement of small interiors hates chaos. That is why when composing interiors in small flats, the place of each piece of furniture and decoration should be carefully and with due reverence adjusted, and the storage of everyday objects in wardrobes, dressers or desks should be carefully planned.

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