How to choose the perfect corner sofa for your living room – expert advice

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How to choose the perfect corner sofa for your living room – expert advice

Choosing the right furniture for your living room is not easy, it has to combine design with functionality. You often hear that corner sofas are a good choice. What speaks in their favour?

Corner sofas have many advantages and arrangement possibilities, they fit both small and large interiors. In small flats they are a great way to optically enlarge the room, and in larger spaces they help to mark out the division between different areas of the living room.

A corner sofa is a piece of furniture that takes up a lot of space in the living room. How to choose its size and arrangement appropriately for the size of a room?

Indeed, the choice of a suitably large corner sofa depends on its purpose and the size of the room where it is to be placed. If we have a spacious interior, and this piece of furniture is to be the main decoration of the living room, it is worth choosing a more spacious piece – for example from a collection of modular furniture. Using such sofas in a large living room will help us optically close the rest part, thanks to which it will become more cosy. Corner sofas will also work well in the homes of large families, and in a situation when we will receive a larger number of guests.

In large spaces we can indeed afford many different combinations, but won’t a corner sofa be too spacious in small rooms?

Every piece of furniture should be sized according to the size of the room. If the furniture is to be placed in a small room and used mainly for relaxation and watching TV, it is worth choosing a small, compact piece of furniture, ending with a side on one side and the so called ottoman on the other. This will allow you to put your legs out and rest comfortably.

Functionality of our furniture is also important in the living room. What does it look like in the case of corner sofas?

When we want to bet on functionality in our living room, we should choose a corner sofa with a sleeping function. It will give us an opportunity to use an additional bed in case of overnight guests. Such a solution will be also useful in studios and small flats, where the living room plays the role of a bedroom. A corner sofa with such a function will provide us with more space to sleep than a traditional fold-out sofa.

What other important things should we keep in mind when choosing lounge furniture?

Our furniture has many additional functionalities, which allow you to achieve an unusual level of comfort. A feature worth paying attention to is also comfortable and convenient seats. The seats should be deep enough to support the thigh along its entire length and reach down to the knee. Wajnert sets of sofas, in addition to the above-mentioned features, are characterised by pull-out seats – a functionality for tall people and those who need an exceptionally large seating area for relaxation. For tall people we also recommend corner sofas with high backrests or adjustable headrests, which significantly increase the comfort of relaxation. Many collections of corner sofas are equipped with practical lockers and shelves for newspapers, phone chargers or audio panels. This is an innovative solution thanks to which you can listen to music from your phone on the speakers without moving the sofa.

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