How to renovate veneer furniture

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How to renovate veneer furniture

Veneer furniture, like any other, ages and gets damaged over time. That is why it is worth knowing how to renovate veneer furniture. Renovation of veneered furniture consists primarily in repairing the old veneer. If the veneer is damaged, it should be torn off and a new one glued on.

Once the old veneer has been torn off, the furniture needs to be sanded in order to ensure that the new veneer will bond firmly to the wooden material. Possible cavities should be filled. After filling in the defects and drying the joint compound, the substrate should be sanded to obtain a smooth surface of an appropriate shape. Then we can stick a new veneer on furniture. The veneer should be glued in pieces, slowly and systematically. Veneer glue can be applied with a brush or a spatula.

After sticking the veneer, the edges should be levelled, excess glue should be removed and the surface should be painted, protecting it from mechanical damage. How to paint veneered furniture? Just choose the varnish or acrylic paint and spread it on the veneer according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, which should be found on the product’s packaging.

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