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New York style furniture

Furniture in New York style combines high comfort and adaptation to the needs of residents. New York furniture is mainly light upholstered sofas, colourful chests of drawers and tables made of natural materials, breaking the monotony of pouffes and benches, or chairs or armchairs upholstered in pastel velours. Both New York style chairs and New York style armchairs in the synergy of functional minimalism combined with elegance and harmony.

A New York style chest of drawers is usually a richly ornamented, geometric piece of furniture with many chrome-plated, silver-plated or gold-plated inserts in a classic design. A New York style sofa is usually maintained in a simple, geometric form, which guarantees high aesthetics, a kind of versatility and easily adapts to a richly equipped interior.

New York style living room

The New York style living room, thanks to a well-thought-out selection of furniture and decoration, combines elegance, timelessness and high comfort. The New York living room can be equipped with natural wooden furniture with material upholstery in pastel shades, as well as – more and more often – with furniture made of glass and metal, which give the room a classic note.

Noble fabrics, cushions, carpets or linings, as well as elegant curtains, curtains or bedside lamps give the interior a wonderful and noble look.

Bedroom in New York style

The New York style bedroom focuses primarily on providing the residents with the greatest possible comfort of sleep and rest. Here you will find large beds on wooden, geometrically made racks. Powerful mattresses, elegant bedside tables harmonize with beautiful light scenes.

New York style room

The New York style in living rooms does not differ much from what we can see in living room. Comfortable and elegant sofas, armchairs and chairs are combined with minimalist, yet comfortable and functional desks, and all of this is combined with perfectly arranged light sources.

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