The French style in interiors – what makes it special?

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The French style in interiors – what makes it special?

French style is a timeless synonym of elegance, prestige and luxury. French style has invariably been one of the most popular types of arrangement in apartments and houses for many years. Check what it is characterized by.

Flat and house in French style

A French style apartment is mainly associated with sumptuousness, elegance and sometimes splendour. This impression is created by richly ornamented French style furniture, which is made of the best quality materials and dressed with beautiful accessories and sophisticated form. They are complemented by high quality fabrics, symmetrical decorations, pastel walls and plant motifs, which can be found on the furniture and accessories.

Interiors in French style impress with their harmony, symmetrical arrangement, as well as plenty of light, space and pastel colours, which provide the impression of spaciousness and lightness of the flats despite the large number of furniture with rich form.

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